Best Places to Get Married in 2021

Here’s my list of best beach wedding venues to choose from:

The Caribbean Island of Jamaica

Jamaica’s stunning beaches have helped to make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean. You can be surrounded by the peaceful scenery of nature with the sweet tots of your wedding party all around you-in a setting where you can forget the everyday worries and problems of life. Many hotels offer special wedding packages that include everything from venue, decorations, music, and even a wedding cakewalk.

Jamaica’s beauty has also helped to make it the spot of choice for many couples who are getting married in the Caribbean. As a place that is surrounded by such stunning natural beauty, it lends itself easily to weddings, though it is probably best known for its beaches. There are many areas around the island where you can arrange your wedding, and those located in the Patteringham area are the most popular. I’ve been to Jamaica several times and stayed at the Patteringham hotel, and I stayed in a compound that was set up right on the beach. It was fabulous – a hillside location that gave us breathtaking views of the beach and the ocean. The food was superb and there was a nearby restaurant where we were able to book a pizza after our eventful day.


The nation’s state of Florida is one of the best locations for beach weddings and honeymoon vacations. Many of the beaches along the Potomac are lined with lavish resorts offering services such as flowers and chocolates. Playa Vista is always a popular spot because of its beautiful colors and fabulous views. For the outdoor weddings, the nation’s top state offers many options, particularly in warmer weather. In many ways, it reminds me of California – one of my favorite vacation spots, if you ask me.

Colorado Springs

I grew up in Colorado and am always drawn back to this beautiful state in the summer. Great weather, plenty of sunshine, and the perfect surrounding environment are just a few of the reasons I always return. Whether you take a summer vacation or you’re planning to wed in the winter, Colorado is the perfect spot for your special day. Plan your wedding online and cater your event to take advantage of the low fourth quarter or vacation package discount. There are plenty of romantic destinations between your home and your wedding resort – you just pick your season and the perfect time to pop the question will appear in a few months!

Newport Beach, California

This city on the beautiful California coast boasts white sand beaches, excellent locations, and fun activities. If you’ve often considered visiting Newport Beach for your next romantic getaway, my advice is to run the numbers. If you’re in southern California you’ll want to read this amazing list of wedding venues in San Diego to better understand what’s there. Some of the best hotel deals in the country are on the north end of town along the ocean. If you visit when the Santa monicans leave town in the winter, you might find yourself hard-pressed to find a room. By the way, the beach here during the winter is far less crowded than during the summer months.

London, England

My favorite place to go for a date? You bet it! London has won a lot of hearts in the last decade thanks to the newlyweds. If you’re looking for a date during the good times of summer, you couldn’t do much better than Oxford Street and Soho. If you want something more romantic, consider a visit to thecot hotel in the southwest part of the city. Many couples visit this hotel each year for their honeymoon.

If I had to Choose just one to five, these would be my top five:

1) Soho. Yes, I said Soho and no, I did not just choose the first five rows of the Soho. Consider Plaza St. Marks, where you can get ice cold bombers for a dollar; the garden is one of the most beautiful spots in New York and there are plenty of shops to browse. If you are anywhere in the city, stop by Valencia Street for the second fountain.

2) Guggenheim Museum

If you are spending your daysdreaming of a Madonna-esque sculpture as opposed to your husband’s paintings, the Guggenheim Museum is the place to see and buy. Built in the 1930s as a war room, the museum has secured itself a place in the pantheon of American art. The “Americancinetree” Dayton Art Institute has put together “The Madison Avenueissance,” a multifaceted collection of modern American paintings.

3) Museum of American Folk Art

Don’t let the lugubrious title fool you. This is as much a museum of folk art as it is of the fine arts. Wading into the museum willerie of folk art, this museum is a constant delight to look at.

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